Update on choosing the right strain of cannabis to treat bipolar depression

While I have found a strain (Skywalker OG) that best meets my needs regarding depression, motivation and energy, I have also found that it’s ideal to keep changing strains every 5 to 15g, because each strain supplies motivation to a different category of productivity in the brain.

If you suffer from bipolar depression, a variety of strains might provide a spectrum of motivation-related benefits across time for you. You will be motivated variously through philosophical thinking, long-term planning, organizing your routine, doing major tasks, and doing minor chores.

Always remember to schedule downtime (rest or recreation), because marijuana can give you so much motivation and energy that you forget to rest, and you are at risk of burning out.
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Marijuana strains for bipolar depression

There are over 100 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. Each strain has different proportions of the cannabinoids. I have not tried a lot of strains, but so far White Widow and Sour Diesel seem to be the best ones for bipolar depression. 
 Sour Diesel takes a little bit longer to act, but both of these strains will give you relief from depression within 25 minutes (vaping). You will feel increased energy and motivation to accomplish things, with minimal side effects.

Note: this is just my experience.

March 12 update: Skywalker OG is far and away the most beneficial stain, for me. I recommend that you try a lot of strains at first.

March 13 update: It feels like one chamber of Skywalker OG gives me a part of my brain back, some part that was missing. It does this within 15 minutes of medicating start time, and it lasts for hours.

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