Safe Driving

I play an Android game called Battle Bay. (That’s the front of my DEFENDER MK3 with the well-lubricated turret facing the enemy behind me, giving me an opportunity to use my two deadly Epic Cannons while remaining prepared for a quick getaway if needed.)

Notice that I’m within viewing distance of at least 3 of my 4 teammates.

There’s a reason kids press the “Together!” button in the team chat at the beginning of every battle. It’s because, unlike most other games, this one might help teach them that they can achieve more for themselves if they cooperate with their team members. (Regardless of how many damage points they deliver, they will receive less gold, and their rating will drop, if their team doesn’t win.)

A simple application of this metaphor, (and hopefully one that will impact the kids ranking up in Battle Bay), is that when we’re in traffic, if we selfishly focus on getting to our destination as fast as possible, without regard for the drivers around us, we stand to lose more than if we focus on cooperating with the vehicles around us.

When our loved ones leave in a car or truck, we often say, “Drive safe,” or, “Drive carefully.”

Maybe, since it’s more tangible, so maybe more practical, we should instead say, “Drive cooperatively.”

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